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Long Range Plan and Goals and Objectives of the Lenox Public Library

Lenox Public Library

Long-Range Plan




Approved by the Board of Trustees June 20, 2017





Lenox is located in Taylor County in Southwest Iowa. The population of Lenox has shown growth since the 2000 Federal Census.  The current estimated population is 1,433. The community is fairly balanced with no significantly large population of any particular age group.  The residents of Lenox are predominantly white.  A Hispanic population is present as well.  English is the principal language spoken in the community but Spanish is also spoken by more than 20% of the community members.


There is 1 daycare center and 4 in-home daycare centers in Lenox.  The children of Lenox attend school in the Lenox Community School District. Students attend classes in town.  It is estimated that there are 4 home-school families in the community which is typical for a community of this size.  Excluding preschoolers, approximately 24 percent of the population is school-age.


The community’s main employers include Michael Foods, Precision Pully, AgriVision and Dalton Ag.  Because of the close proximity of other communities, such as Corning and Creston, a number of residents choose to commute.  Median income in this community is significantly lower than the national average.  Unemployment is significantly higher than the national average.


The community boasts many amenities including safe streets, good roads and affordable housing, a care center and assisted living facility, children’s day care, and a variety of good churches.  Also a good variety of services are available; medical clinics and emergency services, laundry mat, fitness center, computer and tech services, a local newspaper and the Neighborhood Center.    Lenox is proud of our City Park and swimming pool, golf course / Country Club, and walking trail. 

Local organizations include:



Lenox Development Corporation

American Legion

Lenox Stock and Saddle Club

Athletic Booster Club

Lions  (Clearfield)

Bowling Leagues

Little League

Boy Scouts / Girl Scouts


Cattlemen’s Association

Performing Arts

Chamber of Commerce


Church Youth Groups

Shooters Club



Friends of the Library

Student Council

Garden Club



The citizens take pride in the many amenities provided by their community, varied community groups and a dedicated school district among other things.


The library staff and trustees wish to extend a generous thank you to the community members that took the time to participate in the Community Committee portion of this planning process.








In February 2017, the Board of Trustees of the Lenox Public Library invited community members to serve on a Strategic Planning Committee that would envision the city’s future and explore the role the library would play to make that vision reality.


Misty Gray of the State Library of Iowa facilitated a community meeting that used the Strategic Planning for Results process, as developed by Sandra Nelson and June Garcia.  Committee members participated in a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis of Lenox.  Then, they focused on services the library could provide to improve the community.  Each participant voted, identifying which of the eighteen service responses would be most beneficial to Lenox.  The Library Board then analyzed these results and identified the following service responses to focus on for strategic planning:


  • Visit a Comfortable Place: Physical and Virtual
  • Learn to Read and Write: Adult and Family Literacy (including create young readers)

Support Lifelong Literacy

(Combination of Create Young Readers: Early Literacy & Learn to Read and Write: Adult, Teen,

and Family Literacy)

  • Express Creativity: Create and Share Content


The Trustees used these service responses as the foundation for the strategic plan. This plan outlines goals, objectives, and activities that will help library staff meet the needs identified during the committee meeting.  The Lenox Public Library Strategic Plan is submitted as a written endeavor to accomplish the goals set forth by the community committee members.


Community Planning Committee Members



Katelyn Belding

Rita Beran

Hannah Brown

Giselle Cantu

Rosy Castor

Ethan Coleman

Kati England

Doug Junker

Linda Kemery

Mildred Loe

Sheila O'Riley

Echo Pierce

Marty Riley

Karen Saltzman

Norma Siverly

Donna Smithson


Library Board



Marti Cordell, President

Patty Oliver, Vice President

Shilo Leonard

John Beran

Lonnie Barker 


Library Staff



Shari Burger, Director

Stephanie Giles

Carol Rogers






Mission Statement


The Lenox Public Library offers welcoming physical and virtual environments which encourage lifelong literacy development and support creative expression.


Service Responses, Goals, and Objectives


Visit a Comfortable Place: Physical and Virtual Spaces


Residents will have safe and welcoming physical places to meet and interact with others or to sit quietly and read and will have open and accessible virtual spaces that support social networking.


GOAL 1: Patrons will have enhanced physical spaces in which to enjoy all the services the library has to offer.

  • Explore creating a dedicated teen space (2018)
  • Consider creating a private meeting space (2018)
  • Replace large table in the main library with a more versatile option to allow for easy re-arranging for programming (2019)
  • Explore the potential to improve wireless infrastructure (improve bandwidth) (2019)
  • Investigate improving staff working area to include storage and efficient work spaces (2020)


GOAL 2: Patrons will have enhanced awareness and access to current and new virtual services.

  • Promote existing virtual services (Bridges, Learning Express, website, Facebook) (2017)
  • Partner with neighboring libraries to consider offering at least one shared online resource (2019)
  • Investigate offering an online language acquisition database (2018)


Support Lifelong Literacy


Residents will have programs and services designed to ensure development of literacy skills throughout their lives.


GOAL 1: Young patrons will be actively engaged in a variety of literacy opportunities.

  • Partner with retired teachers to offer weekly tutoring services to beginning readers (2017)
  • Initiate weekly mentoring program with teens reading to younger children (2018)
  • Offer at least 4 lapsit story times each year (2017)
  • Offer at least 4 Spanish story times each year (2018)
  • Initiate 1,000 books before kindergarten program (2019)


GOAL 2: Adult patrons will have access to new literacy opportunities.

  • Offer an Introductory Spanish class for non-Spanish speakers (2018)
  • Offer book club that meets at least 6 times per year (2019)






Express Creativity: Create and Share Content


Residents will have the services and support they need to express themselves by creating original print, video, audio, or visual content in a real-world or online environment.


GOAL 1: Young patrons will have new services available and support needed to create their own content.

  • Offer monthly STEM programming (2018)
  • Initiate Lego club which meets at least 4 times per year (2019)
  • Offer beginning sewing classes which takes place at least 4 times a year (2020)


GOAL 2: Adult patrons will have new services available and support needed to create their own content.

  • Offer VHS to DVD converter services to patrons (2017)
  • At least 4 times per year, the library will provide space for quilters / crocheters to gather and socialize while working on individual projects(2018)
  • Offer instruction on specific crochet projects at least 4 times per year (2019)
  • Offer cake pans for check out


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